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Industry coatings pools.

We produce coatings for specific public and private pools.

We have a long experience in the production of coatings for swimming pools which allowed to develop an excellent product to be applied both on cofncrete that on fiberglass: this product has a high resistance to light and to common products for water disinfection. It can be applied to both public and private swimming pools and is very easy to apply also by non-specialized manpower. The product has an excellent price/quality mix. We also use a chlorinated rubber based paint to be used on pools already coated with this type of product and other products to be used as an example for the protection of the edge of the tub.

I prodotti per la realizzazione di piscine:

• 2220 Transparent epoxy primer

• 2300 Epopit PCS

• 3310 Epomastik CA

• 4500 Epopit PCL

• 3906 Isolrubber

• 4700 Sportingum