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Industrial floor.

In the field of civil construction, Pit Color proposes embodiments of industrial flooring and construction.

Pit Color provides a wide range of epoxy products for industrial flooring: from the protective anti-dust to high thickness floorings for heavy traffic and a high chemical resistance.
In the field of pavements for the civil construction industry we can provide products both colored and transparent both o epoxy and polyurethane that allow you to create aesthetic effects of considerable merit.

Our products for the construction of floors:
• 908 Resin mortar screeds
• 2220 Transparent Epoxy Primer
• 2225 Water Based Epoxy Primer
• 2500 Pit Floor F
• 2550 Pit Floor F transparent
• 2700 Pit Floor WB
• 2800 Pit Floor CS
• 3310 Epomastik CA
• 4600 Pit Floor PU