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Pit Color>electricity sector

Insulating varnishes and additional products.

The electric field in the range of PIT COLOR is based on insulating varnishes, but also on special products such as antistatic coatings and paints peeling off.

Within our production, PIT COLOR can offer insulating varnishes for electric motors both air oven, electro enamels for the protection of motors, paintings and artifacts and energized electrical substations and epoxy compounds both clear and colored magnets, transformers and coils. There are also special products such as antistatic coatings and paint peeling for temporary protection of delicate surfaces. Our products for the electrical industry: • 2211 Epopit CS Antistatic • 6000 Insulating epoxy compound • 6051 Epoxy resin for induced • 6067 Thixotropic epoxy compound • 6101 Transparent epoxy resin • 6218 Insulating varnish oven • 6219 Insulating varnish air • 6229 Insulating varnish air • 6230 Insulating varnish oven • 6250 Insulating varnish air tropicalised • 6255 Silicone insulating varnish oven • 6400 Insulating  enamel • 6450 Insulating  enamel tropicalised • 6505 Epoxy compound for casting • 6624 Peelable insulating  enamel • 6800 Epoxy insulating  enamel • 6920 Insulating epoxy varnish