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Pit Color>Construction Industry

Construction industry.

The range extends from a variety of products for buildings to protective paints and finishing of facades.

For the construction industry PIT COLOR ha a range of products such as: fillers and putties for the restoration of the walls, bonding decorative and structural elements, mortar screeds, acrylic sheaths, epoxy and polyurethane for the protection of terraces, balconies and slabs, paints and protective equipment for the finishing of facades.

Restoration industry

Stone artefacts, cement and wood restoration:

For the restoration of stone, concrete and wood structures, we can offer a wide range of products based on epoxy and silicone.
These serve to provide a complete cycle that begins with the reorganization and consolidation of structures damaged and continues with the filling of cracks and crevices, repair of structural damage, the reconstruction of eroded or missing elements and ends with the final protection from the elements of the artifacts restored.

Industry coatings pools

Special coatings for public and private pools:

We have a long experience in the production of coatings for swimming pools which allowed to develop an excellent product to be applied both on cofncrete that on fiberglass: this product has a high resistance to light and to common products for water disinfection. It can be applied to both public and private swimming pools and is very easy to apply also by non-specialized manpower. The product has an excellent price/quality mix. We also use a chlorinated rubber based paint to be used on pools already coated with this type of product and other products to be used as an example for the protection of the edge of the tub.

Industrial floor

In the field of civil construction, Pit Color proposes embodiments of industrial flooring and construction:

Pit Color provides a wide range of epoxy products for industrial flooring: from the protective anti-dust to high thickness floorings for heavy traffic and a high chemical resistance.
In the field of pavements for the civil construction industry we can provide products both colored and transparent both o epoxy and polyurethane that allow you to create aesthetic effects of considerable merit.