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Pit Color>Company

PIT COLOR is synonymous of quality in the production of compounds and epoxy coatings in Brianza.

In Monza Brianza, Pit Color plays an important rol in the field of coatings and epoxy resins that are used in this field.

PIT COLOR is an artisan company founded in 1966 that has developed an important knowledge in the field of epoxy resins, together with broad experiences in the various fields of use of this type of resins.

The production company is specialized in compounds and epoxy coatings for various applications: construction, renovation of buildings and artifacts in wood and stone flooring for domestic and industrial use, swimming pools, compounds and coatings for electrical, electromechanicals, and electronic materials for corrosion and food industries. Finally, the size of craftsmanship, allows the company to develop tailor-made products which meet specific customer’ needs, in addition to standard products.